New Thought is a philosophy of personal growth and spiritual practice through powerful skills that expand our understanding of life and how it works.  NTNC provides ongoing education through classes, workshops, seminars and community gatherings. Learning opportunities help us increase our knowledge of spiritual principles and how to apply them in our daily lives.  When we read, study, meditate and discuss these ideas together, we grow individually and in community to make our world a better place for everyone.


Classes offered Fall 2017 

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Thursdays September 21 - October 26  6-8pm

Presented by Brooke Minkel

FREE  - Sponsored by New Thought Northern CO CSL

Please commit to attending all 6 weeks

Need more tools for your "parenting toolbox"? Six classes create more successful relationships and teach you new strategies.

RSVP for childcare, $30 per child for all 6 weeks



Sunday October 1st 12-2 PM

Presented by Lani Hickman, RScP

Fee $20

Payment due on or prior to 1st class, Full price, no payment plan available

Learn to meditate or refresh your current skills. Enjoy the health benefits of meditation, reduce the effects of stress, calm your emotions, experience greater choice over your thoughts, and treat yourself with compassion.


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Certified Classes

The Ministers and Practitioners at NTNC teach a wide variety of certificated courses to assist you on your spiritual journey.  These courses will provide a foundation for living the Science of Mind philosophy, faith and way of life.  Please see a Practitioner or Minister for the requirements if you are seeking a Practitioner path.

Spiritual Enrichment Classes

A variety of non-certificated workshops and special topics classes are also presented through the year.  Please watch the current schedule of classes for additional offerings.


Certified Classes List



This is a revision and widely updated new version of the Foundational Course. It presents a new spiritual principle each week and a spiritual practice to support that principle. The Creative Process is introduced at the beginning of the class and then flows through each week, so that the student has the opportunity to see and use the Creative Process at work in each spiritual principle. Each week also features the writing of one of our elders as well as one of our contemporaries on the subject at hand. These include Dr. William Hornaday, Dr. Frank Richelieu, Terry Cole Whittaker, Dr. Jesse Jennings, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Linda McNamar, and many more.

Length of Course: 10 weeks

Text Book:

  • The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes 


This course is a loving tribute to Dr. Ernest Holmes and all the wisdom he brought to our world. The course is based upon the book What We Believe. Each week the student has the opportunity to examine each of the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of this teaching come alive in her/his life. Each week has a meditation that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper to find Inner Truth.

Length of Course: 10 Weeks

Text Book:

  • The Essential Ernest Holmes by Dr. Jesse Jennings


This course provides the student with an understanding of the historical roots in America of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy. Specific emphasis is given to the works of Thomas Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Length of Course: 10 Weeks

Text Books:

  • The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
  • Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward
  • Scientific Christian Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Hopkins


This is an amazing course on the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Each week is a thoughtful approach to the deeper understandings of prayer: How does the nature of God and man create prayer, the impact of creative law and beliefs, what to pray for, affirmative treatment, and the state of continuous prayer. Each week has experiential exercises to give these ideas a reality for the student.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Books:

  • Refer to course curriculum materials. 


This course focuses on the student developing lifetime habits of meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. Spiritual Mind Treatment for oneself is reviewed and strengthened, and then students advance to treating for other people.

Length of Course: 10 Weeks

Text Books:

  • Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass
  • Can We Talk To God? by Ernest Holmes


This is an introductory meditation course that begins with the beginner and moves step by step through the powerful tool of meditation in many different modalities. Topics include meditation with light, mantras, sound, movement, breathing, and more. Each week is very experiential with various forms of meditation that the student can then take with them for a richer practice at home.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Books:

  • An Easy Guide to Meditation by Roy Eugene Davis - CSA Press, 1978 AND
  • Choose One: How to Meditate by Lawrence LeShan - Bantam, 1975 OR
  • Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass - Bantam, 1978


The Self Mastery Course focuses on healing the perceived separation between personality and Spirit. Through an active exploration of the creative nature of thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, the students have an opportunity to gain mastery in the art of living as conscious, intentional beings.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Book:

  • Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes


This course is an exploration of mysticism, what it is and what it is not. It provides the framework for the student to live a more mystical life in present time. Each student sets a personal intention for his or her life. Emphasis is given to the practice of meditation and the practice of witnessing consciousness. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen his or her own awareness of the Divine reality in daily living.

Length of Course: 10 Weeks

Text Books:

  • The Foundations of Mysticism by Joel Goldsmith
  • Entering the Castle: Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose by Caroline Myss


Ralph Waldo Emerson has been the most quoted, most inspirational writer in America for over a hundred years. The American voice in Self-Reliance and The Oversoul has influenced the New Thought movement profoundly. Emerson is quoted by all the great metaphysical writers, and he was the first to break through traditional Christianity in such a way as to inspire multitudes to higher thought. Background information on Emerson's times and his fellow members of the Transcendentalist circle is covered. They include Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Book:

  • Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson 


This class provides a look at the Bible as story and Bible as myth. Drawing from sources as diverse as Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Aesop, Joseph Campbell, and Jelaluddin Rumi, this course looks at the many life stories in the Bible where we play every character. Students will learn powerful and effective tools for translation and interpretation of these stories.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Book:

  • Revised English Bible (or any Bible you have) 


This course presents basic Science of Mind principles in the light of modern quantum physics, with special emphasis on the Co-creative Process and Law of Belief, the Law of Expectancy and the Law of Attraction. Students learn how to develop a “miracle-making attitude” and how to use Spiritual Mind Treatment to “make miracles” of their own choosing in Health, Success, Prosperity, and Relationships. Complete with class exercises.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Book:

  • Shortcut to a Miracle, How to Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life by Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott (2005)


This class was created to deepen the student's understanding that he or she is an individualized expression of God. Topics of exploration include: co-creation, the power of belief, your inner authority, and how to increase your faith. This is excellent for new students and as a refresher course for more experienced student.

Length of Course: 8 Weeks

Text Book:

  • This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes


Prosperity Plus is a dynamic, easy-to-instruct, video based 10-week program that teaches a new way of living centered on the spiritual practices of an abundant life! In this program, Mary Morrissey teaches you how to positively impact your congregants in a way that allows them to move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity and promise. Through the study and application of these prosperity teachings, you have the opportunity to create the quantum shift necessary to open doors to new levels of abundance in all areas of your life!

Length of Course: 10 Weeks

Text Book: 

  • Materials ordered by Minister upon registration (additional fee)