It Isn't a New Thought; It is just the way the World Works!

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Discussion group based on Spiritual Principles. In this material you will find the following concepts: 1. What does greatness mean? Does greatness revolve principally around questions of power, wealth and success? Or is greatness founded in justice, freedom and truth? In short, is it a material greatness or a greatness of the soul? 2. In 1946 Albert Camus wrote a book: The Plague. It is pertinent today. What are the metaphysical lessons in the virus called Corona? 3. There are 10 root causes of illness and disease. If the causes of illness and disease are the same, they why are the treatments so different? In this list of causes you will see some have similarities and for the body to fall ill, the immune system needs to break down. What's the mind got to do with it? 4. Then we'll explore five questions for reflection for mind-body healing. 5. The spiritual principle of equilibrium, balance or harmony supersedes all other spiritual teachings, traditions and systems. How to gain spiritual equilibrium... And much more... You will receive a 12 page booklet outlining these exciting and important concepts. Register via email to Rev. Jim will respond and send a PDF document which is class reading. There will be a session login number in that document. There will be several churches participating. “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

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